Friday, April 22, 2005

spring is here!

spring is here and i feel it!!!!

and its finally spring vacation and i am off to italy...
sailing... for one week. in italy.

i am so ready for this week and excited for this one whole week break!!

sailing, on the sea... thats all that i can realy think about at this moment...

more later

Monday, April 04, 2005

sunday nights

good weekend, so much to say, do, make, think about... and oh so little time... just when i start to be relaxed and and rested and clearheaded enough to begin a project, sunday night shows its face and cuts short any possible situation and idea of creating... i know people work and create on the side but i find it very difficult to manage the time and find the energy to balance it all. time feels like it is passing so fast right now and i start to feel afraid that i will not have the time to do all that i hope to do. travel, learn languages, know hearts, touch lives, allow mine to be touched... everyday learn something. i should try to post one thing that i learn every day, one thing that i am thankful for everyday, one thing that i wish for every day... i want to try more and more to be my best self, to be the person that i was created to be... and not to have any regrets. pensive, absolutely...things have been a little light lately, with all the going out and about... its good to be quiet and be a little inward. time for bed. the end to another weekend. where does the time go??