Friday, December 30, 2005

been gone so long

sorry i've been away so long...

2005. come and gone...

overall it was a good year. a little bit of a tough year too. not for any real reason... but i've learned and am learning a lot. learning how to grow up. how to live days that do not feel ideal and just right and perfect. learning that it is ok to feel lost sometimes and discheveled and a bit like swiss cheese. its ok. and that feels good to say.

its ok not to have it all together and figured out... that is the best adventure, right?? not knowing what will happen, but living through the uncertainity knowing that it will be ok on the other side. that faithm that it will eventually be ok, is important... important because otherwise we stop moving and get stuck and frozen and afraid that if we keep going things will not get better. so we stop working through things and try to just numb ourselves so that we can try to feel better... but really that does not work does it?

so i look forward to 2006. i look forward to leaving 2005 behind and moving forward. with no idea of what the future will deliver... but ready to let the adventure unfold...

more to come in 2006!~ i promise! and i have a new camera too!!

happy new year!! happy following your dreams and living the adventure!!


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